Scholarship Awards

Scholarship monies awarded shall be applied towards tuition and fees only.  Payment of each annual distribution will be made directly to the recipient’s educational institution.  Prior to each annual distribution, recipient shall submit a statement or invoice from the educational institution that includes the amounts due, the remittance address, and the recipient’s account number.  Said statement shall be submitted directly to the treasurer of the Fund. 

In addition, at the conclusion of recipient’s first year, a copy of the official transcript associated with the recently concluded academic year shall be submitted together with an invoice/statement of account.  Recipients are required to maintain a minimum G.P.A. of 3.0 in order to remain in compliance.   

The recipient is solely responsible for providing this information and no reminders will be sent.  Failure to provide either the annual statement or the annual transcripts shall result in the failure to receive the scheduled annual disbursement. Annual disbursements cannot be carried forward to subsequent years and are non-transferable.